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Inuit Art Carvings

Inns North

The Amaulik Hotel

Amaulik Hotel

in Sanikiluaq, Nunavut

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Inuit Art Carvings

Carvings from Sanikiluaq are very popular with both art collectors and tourists. The artists here draw on the land for their artistic inspiration. Images of Arctic birds and marine mammals are a common theme. Sanikiluaq artists favour a naturalistic style. Birds and animal figures are carefully executed and polished, with realistic details incised into fine-grained argillite stone found in the area. Some employ a stylized, sharp-edged and angular appearance in their carvings which is very unique to the Sanikiluaq area.

Argillite stone ranging from light green to almost black, is used in most carvings made in Sanikiluaq. Argillite is a fine grained stone Argillite has a distinctive striped grain, and takes a beautiful polish. Argillite is found in a quarry in the Sanikiluaq area.

Polar Bear

Polar Bear by Paul Kavik

The Hunter

The Hunter by Johnny Meeko Sr.


Loon by Jimmy Eyaituq

Playful Sednas

Playful Sednas by Joe Ekidlak

Walrus Hunter

Walrus Hunter by Isaac Sala

The soft talc-serpentine soapstone quarried on Tukarak Island near Sanikiluaq for export to carvers. This area is famous for its unique soapstone carvings found in shapes of the wildlife in the area.

Sanikiluaq is also known for the manufacture of:

  • eider down clothing
  • eider down duvets
  • eider down quilts

for export to southern markets.



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